BE someone that matters 
TO someone that matters



Virtue of the Month:

July = Excellence

Know It:

Excellence is trying your very best at everything you do. You know your strengths, don’t hold back, and give everything you do your best effort. Excellence is not being perfect, but it is being the best that you can be. It is a desire to keep growing and learning as a person

Use It:

  • Learning from your mistakes
  • Giving everything you do your best effort and being the best friend/family that you can be
  • Finishing the things you start and setting goals for yourself
  • Being patient and honest with yourself and others

Say It:

“James I really like the way you are able to ask for help when you need it. It shows you really want to learn and get even better.”

“Mia, I just wanted to tell you that you are doing such a good job. You always try your best and that is what matters.”

What it is Not:

  • Trying to be perfect
  • Trying to be better than other people
  • Not trying your best because you are afraid of failing
  • Trying to do too much or not setting any goals for yourself














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Port Dover
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Saturday June 24th  


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Friday August 11th