BE someone that matters 
TO someone that matters



Virtue of the Month:

October = Courage

Know It:

Courage is “personal bravery”. Even when things are hard or scary, you do what you know is right. Courage comes from knowing in your heart that something isn’t right and that you should do something about it. It is also trying new things even if it seems scary or really hard. Courage is about taking action

Use It:

  • Facing your mistakes and choosing to learn from them
  • Even when all your friends are doing it, you stand by what you know is right
  • You don’t let other people discourage you or convince you to do something different from what you know is right
  • You acknowledge that you are afraid, then push through and do it anyways

Say It:

“Whoa Sofia! You told me that you were afraid to try that but you did it anyways! You are so courageous.”

“Giovanni you have a lot of courage. Even though they laughed at you, you did what you knew was right. I hope you feel proud of yourself.” 

What it is not:

  • Doing risky things just to look strong and courageous
  • Pretending you are not afraid when you really are
  • Doing what everyone else is doing even if you know it’s wrong