The Circle


"The Circle" Mentoring

What if there were a place to truly connect with someone?

A constructive social circle to join? What if this circle was centered around the needs of each individual youth?

Youth can casually meet in a group setting and determine if there is a connection with a volunteer or be presented with one-to-one mentoring options. Information is collected through conversations and questionnaires to makes solid match suggestions, but ultimately the choice belongs to each young person. The match is focused on the youth's interests and needs, and supported by incredible service delivery staff who care deeply about fostering healthy relationships. Once matched, mentors spend regular time with their mentees over the course of one or more years together.

Young people can join The Circle if they want a mentor in their life, are aged 10-18, and identify with some of the following:

  • marginalization based race, class, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation.
  • economic adversity.
  • difficulty in the education system.
  • violence in the home or in the community.
  • history of involvement with child welfare.
  • contact with the police (for minor offences).
  • mental health issues such as substance abuse, depression, anxiety, abuse, self-harm.
  • unhealthy domestic or romantic relationship.
Learn more about this innovative program at Join the Circle.

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