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A Thankful Mom

A Letter From a Very
Thankful Mom

This e-mail was sent to us last spring from the mother of one of the boys in a Game On! group run at a partner school in Brantford.

“My son is from a single family, his older brother is living in Nova Scotia, he doesn’t get to see his Dad, so he is in a home with only females. He has a learning disability and is bullied. I am writing you because I want to express the gratitude I have for your programs. It has become a major part of his weekly schedule and it’s the one day a week that he rushes himself to get to school. His attitude and performance at school have changed: he even received the weekly PRIDE award. He doesn’t allow the bullies to get to him. This is an amazing program and I am so very happy that my son had the privilege of taking it. It isn’t just fun, its a chance for these young boys to build self esteem and learn to become a better person. THANK YOU”