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Purple Pride

Big Sister is

Purple With Pride:

Pictured to the right is Renee; she coloured her hair purple (our national color) in 2012 after her Little Sister raised $500 in the Bowl For Kids Sake campaign.

 Purple One-e

"I believe where you live isn’t your community unless you help make it a better place… When I was is my early twenties I decided to be a Big Sister: I didn’t have much money, but I had time. When I was matched with Savanah she was 9 years old, and wanted to be a veterinarian. We enjoyed baking and crafting. Every week I looked forward to hanging out, talking, and being silly together. As the years passed, my world changed: I bought my first house, got married, and became a mother.  Savanah is part of our family. She has grown from a little girl into a smart, beautiful young woman. I feel privileged and honoured that I can be her soundboard, her confidant, her mentor as she navigates the difficult time that is being a teen! Now 16 years old, she wants to be a social worker. We still enjoy baking together, but more often text and talk about the books we are reading. She is  always willing and wanting to volunteer and give back to her community – I am so proud of her. I hope my influence and friendship will help her reach her full potential. As much as I hope I have impacted Savanah’s life, I want her to know that deciding to be her Big Sister has changed my life more than she will ever know…”
~ Big Sister, Renee VanderHarst