Pat & Secorra



Secorra & Pat have been matched since September of 2011. This match has progress quite well and they have learned so much for one another. Pat has used this opportunity to teach Secorra some literacy skills by reading with her on every outing. Through their activities, they like to play “restaurant” together where they have created a menu (using their creativity/imagination) and then go through the process of running a restaurant such as washing your hands, nutrition, setting the table, manners, etc. When Pat and Secorra were first match, Secorra’s manners were not the best. Pat has begun to teach Secorra the importance of manners at the table and in public specifically and she does so by role modeling then explaining to her why it was important to say please, thank you or you are welcome. Pat and Secorra love to be creative together. Secorra has a big imagination which Pat allows her to expand on. Pat is giving Secorra the opportunity to be a “child” through her play which a lot of children in our society lose their imaginations at very young ages. Pat does not believe in watching TV and does not play videogames. All of their outings are interactive, one to one and very educational. Without Pat, Secorra may not have had the opportunity to experience and learn the things that Pat is teaching her. Pat has grown to really care about Secorra and her well-being and believes the importance of teaching her proper manners, nutrition, and literacy.