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"It's something I look forward to each week. It makes me realize the importance of having a figure in your life that you can look up to, or look forward to spending time with. Being able to give kids an outlet can only be a positive step for them and Big Brothers and Big Sisters gives them this opportunity."

- Darren Cromwell
Big Brother, In-School Mentor, Golf Buddy


 "I’ve learned how important I can be to a child and it’s kind of shocking! But it feels so good - the school tells me how Ashley’s practically bouncing with excitement waiting for me. Believe me, it’s wonderful for my self esteem too. I have total support from my workplace, which is great. I’m apt to give everything I’ve got to my job but this gives me time for something that means a lot to me, something that provides balance in my life.”

In-School Mentor


“My father died when I was about 8 years old. I knew I missed something special. I’m retired now and have some time so I think it’s my responsibility to be a decent role model to a child. It costs nothing but a bit of time - and it’s lots of fun!”

- Alston,
In-School Mentor

Carmenlita_Pascua_artsandcrafts2_MR  “Dear Big Brothers Big Sisters,

I really love my Big Sister, she is just what I always wanted in a friend that I could call my own. She means the world to me. I want to “Thank You” for giving me such a wonderful Big Sister.”

- Angela,
Little Sister


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