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Go Girls! One School's Story



Go Girls! At Princess Elizabeth School


What Prinicipal Annette Blake Had To Say:

On behalf of the grade seven and grade eight girls at Princess Elizabeth School, I would like to thank you for bringing the Go Girls program to our school.   The Go Girls experience proved a wonderfully enriching learning experience and confidence booster for our grade seven and eight girls.  Every one of our students enjoyed the experiences and positive interactions she had with the program facilitators.  The young women who facilitated the program are to be commended.  They were excellent role models and mentors for our students.  Bright, vivacious, positive, and responsible, they helped our girls develop and explore areas of personal growth beyond the academic.  They supported our girls in ways that helped them build their own self esteem, self awareness, and confidence.  In a short few weeks, the camaraderie they shared with one another helped forge trusting friendships.  In fact, when the program was initially offered to our students, none of our girls were planning on participating.   The risk of the unknown, it seemed, was too great.  By the end of the very first session, however, there was no looking back, and the results are impressive.  Just the other day, the girls in grade eight asked if we were able to invite the Go Girls mentors to grade eight graduation!  But there is no need to take my word alone for the success of the program.  Attached is a testimonial from each girl who participated.  Asked if they would like to support the continuation of the program with a voluntary reflection or comment, each girl gladly provided her own reflection.  They unanimously agreed that they wanted to do their part to help ensure the program was available to other girls in the future.  What a legacy….

Please accept our sincere thanks for all you and your volunteers have done to support the staff, students, and community of Princess Elizabeth School.  Go Girls is one example of the important work you do.   I look forward to a long and rewarding partnership. 

What One of the Go Girl Participants Had to Say:

"Go Girls was a great experience.  We could talk about life lessons stuff we shouldn’t do and just about ourselves.  We listened to music, did games -- like having the alphabet on a graph chart and thinking of names of vegetables.  We also did challenges like the obstacle course.  It was a blast, we had so much fun.  We also had snacks, but the snacks were healthy and delicious.  We also did journals, every week explaining how we felt about the healthy tips we got every week.  The healthy tips were pretty good.  It would help if you wanted a diet and/or exercise. We also talked about personal experiences. What you should and shouldn’t do.  We had a show and tell, they showed their loved ones pictures and we showed what was important to us.  When they had to leave we were upset because we didn’t want them to leave.  But we got their e mails and they told us “ if you ever need to talk about anything  . . .