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A Mother's "Thank You"

A Local Mom’s story - Denise

As a mother of a young teen - I am very grateful to Big Brothers/Big Sisters for finally finding the perfect match for Justin.  We waited many years for a Big Brother to come into our lives, and the wait finally ended last year.  Justin and his "Big" Darryl get along wonderfully.  They have similar interests and spend tons of quality time together.  Darryl has exceeded my expectations and has been a wonderful mentor to a young man that has not had a male influence in his life for many years. They have gone searching for waterfalls and abandoned ruins to take pictures for Justin's photography, played squash, visited museums, walked dogs for the SPCA, bowling, gone to lunch, dinner, photography shows, art shows, plays, dinners, the CNE and cooked meals together. Darryl has always been there for Justin - we know he is a phone call away if Justin needs someone to talk to.  Darryl has proven how wonderful it is for a "Little" to be matched with a "Big".  A big thank you to Darryl.

~ Denise, mom

And Justin's Thoughts & Feelings

Since I was matched up with my Big Brother, my life has started to change.  After being on the waiting list for quite a while, I was finally matched with Darryl.  Since then my Big Brother and I have been going on outings every week.  I have been trying new things since then.  I look forward to these outings because it is an escape from stress at home, school and the community. Another major thing my Big Brother has done for me is teaching me how to drive I feel more accepted and know I have someone to talk to when I need it.  I have learned alot of things in the past year too.  I have been given chances I never would have before.  Big Brother/Big Sisters has positively impacted me and I thank you for this.

~ Justin, "little" brother